Get Equipped

When planning to work from home, you should think about the work resources that you'll need at home and the campus resources to which you'll need access.  The types of things we need to do our jobs vary, but there are a few things that are common to all. 

To properly equip yourself for remote work, you'll need:

  • Internet service
  • Computer or laptop (and power adapter)
  • Telephone services
  • Webcam or computer webcam for video conferencing (optional)
  • Headset or simple earbuds with a mic (as an alternate to your computer speakers)

Options for computers

If you don't already have a work laptop, please contact your department for assistance. You may also decide to purchase a laptop; recommended models and configurations for both Windows and Mac computers follow.     

OIT Technology Loaner Program 

The OIT Technology Loaner Program offers a supply of computing technology for loan by faculty or staff who may need a temporary device during computer repair or for remote teaching involving students in isolation.  This loaner program is not a substitute for normal departmental computer purchasing for their faculty and staff. We can no longer loan devices for long periods such as an entire semester. 

These items are available in this program:

  • Windows Laptops (computer repair loan only)
  • Mac Laptops (computer repair loan only)
  • iPad Pro w/Keyboard stand and Apple pencil (for secondary device to teach students in isolation)

For more information refer to Technology Loaner Program: Technology for remote teaching and computer repairs.

If you have questions about the OIT loaner program, contact the Support and Operations Center at 609-258-HELP (4357).

Computer Purchase

If rather than borrowing a laptop you choose to purchase one, you can do so through the PRIME MarketPlace.  Recommended models and configurations follow. 


Options for headsets

OIT can provide USB-wired headsets at a nominal cost to departments.  To request a headset, submit the Jabber Headset Request form.