Calls and Messaging (Jabber)

What is it and why do I need it? 

Make and take calls from anywhere, any device

Jabber is a helpful communications tool that enables you to make and take work calls from any location, and from many devices. This means that you can make calls and answer calls to your office extension from your computer, mobile phone, or other devices, no matter where you are. 

Important!  Do not use Jabber to make 911 emergency calls. For emergency calls you must use a landline or your mobile phone service. 

Easily contact colleagues using the Princeton Directory

The Jabber service integrates with the University Directory. So when you and others are away from the office, there is no need to memorize numbers or get each other’s mobile numbers. You simply enter the name of the person you want to call, and Jabber makes the appropriate connection, no matter where.  

Messaging colleagues one-on-one or as a group of up to 100

With Jabber, you can message or chat online with up to 100 colleagues who are logged in and have made themselves available in Jabber. 

How do I get it?   

The Jabber service is available to all faculty and staff and can be set up using your Princeton netID and password. You can install Jabber on computers (Windows and Mac) and mobile devices.  You may also consider the following accessories: 

  • Headset or earbuds (though not essential, recommended for taking calls through your computer)
  • Webcam (if you plan to use video with your calls)

See Cisco Jabber: How to install Jabber (KB0010874) for installation instructions.  University login is required. 

How do I use it?   

To make or receive calls and messages, start the Jabber service on your computer or devices.  To ensure you don't miss calls, you can set up Jabber to start when you start your computer.  

Set up Jabber to launch on startup

Windows PC

  1. In the main Jabber window, click the gear icon in the upper-right, and select Options from the drop-down menu
  2. Select the General tab
  3. Under the Startup heading, check Start Cisco Jabber when my computer starts

Mac OS

  1. Right-click the Jabber icon in your Dock, select Options from the popup menu and enable, both:
    • Keep in Dock
    • Open at Login

Jabber for...

  • Princeton Directory assisted calling from your computer or smartphone
  • Messaging colleagues or a group of up to 100 participants
  • Contacting colleagues on their alternate devices via their campus extension

Learn it

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