Work Continuity

Ian Codsen, Manager, HPC Software Engineering and Performance Tuning

Preparing for remote work

There can be many reasons for working remotely.  When the need comes, being prepared in advance is key.  On this site, you will find a number of technology tools and resources that Princeton offers to help you successfully work from an alternate location.  

What you’ll need

Having the tools that make remote work possible allows everyone to keep in touch and continue work.  Even if you are working on campus, others you depend on may not be.  Being prepared to work remotely yourself or to work with others who are remote is smart. 

Equipment for remote work: 

  • Internet service
  • Computer (University-owned)
  • Webcam and headset with mic (optional)

Tools and strategies for:

The pages of this website provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for information about getting and using these digital strategies.  More support videos and self-help resources are planned, so check back again for more. 


As with everything, practice makes perfect.  When you set up any of these technology services, test them, explore the features, become familiar with them.  

Work Continuity @ Princeton University